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Terms & Conditions

Prohibited Use of the Vehicle: 

When the Renter uses or permits the Vehicle to be used:

  • by anyone other than the Permitted Driver;
  • while the driver is under the influence of alcohol, any controlled substance, or medications that affect vehicle operation and/or constitute driving while impaired under applicable law;
  • to vehicle ferry passengers or property for hire;
  • with more passengers than the Vehicle has seat belts;
  • to tow or push anything;
  • in a test, race or contest or on unpaved roads;
  • for conduct that could be charged as a crime, including the transportation of a controlled substance or contraband, stolen goods, illegal devices, or persons protected by prohibitions against human trafficking;
  • recklessly or while overloaded; or
  • if the Vehicle is driven outside the Geographic Scope; or if the Vehicle is driven into Mexico;
  • the Renter or the Permitted Driver, whether authorized or not:
  • fail to promptly report to KDC any damage to or loss of the Vehicle when it occurs or when the Renter learns of it and provide KDC with a written accident/incident report or fail to cooperate with KDC’s investigation;
  • where required by law, fails to report an accident to law enforcement;
  • obtained the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
  • leaves the Vehicle and fail to remove the keys (or key fobs) or close and lock all doors, close all windows and the trunk and the Vehicle is stolen or vandalized; or
  • intentionally or negligently causes or allows damage to the Vehicle;
  • the Renter or the Permitted Driver, whether authorized or not returns the Vehicle after hours and the Vehicle is damaged, stolen or vandalized or the Renter otherwise fails to take reasonable steps to secure the Vehicle, its keys, key fobs, or other remote entry and starting devices; or
  • Drives or operates this Vehicle while using a hand-held wireless communication device or other device that is capable of receiving or transmitting telephonic communications, electronic data, mail or text messages.

Geographical Scope

 The Renter Will Only Use The Vehicle, And Will Not Allow The Vehicle To Leave The Boundaries Of British Columbia, Unless Expressly Authorized By KDC In Writing

Mileage Limits

The Maximum Allowable Kilometers Driven Per Day Is 200km (The “Mileage Limit”).

Mileage Fee

If The Renter Drives The Vehicle In Excess Of The Mileage Limit, Then The Renter Will Pay KDC $3.00 Per Kilometer For Each And Every Kilometer That The Vehicle Is Driven Beyond The Mileage Limit (The “Mileage Fee”). For Details On Fees, Please See Our Pricing And Fees Page.